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Helper Workshops: The Chat Client

How To Connect To Ustream Chat With XChat
A workshop to show you how to connect to Ustream's IRC Network via XChat.
By ComputerTechCentral (July 2008)

First you will need to download XChat at

There is a free version of XChat you can download at

You will first open Xchat and select the 3 Nick's you'd like to be known as.

Then click Add, From here add the name of the server that you would like for it to be known as. Such as then you will hit Edit. And put the server Address in the Servers for USTREAM.TV, the server address is as well as and

Now you will move down a little and put in the Channels to, you will put #help in this fill in location. For more then 1 room on join type #help,#roomgoeshere and so forth.

Then hit close and save your preferred settings. And select the ustream server and click Connect.

Then you will be brought to a login screen if you have selected a registered nick name. Type "/pass yourpassgoeshere" and you will be joined into the rooms you have selected to join.